We Put Steel Dumpsters On a Diet!

A steel dumpster and a WCS modular dumpster on a scale showing the difference in weight.
A steel dumpster and a WCS modular dumpster on a scale showing the difference in weight.

Steel Dumpsters weigh on average 430 lbs and can exceed 500 lbs! That’s a lot of weight to carry around and all of that weight equals more wear and tear on equipment and people.

The question we asked ourselves when designing our dumpsters was, “is it possible to drastically reduce the container weight and still have a product able to stand up to daily use?”

The answer:


Using modern manufacturing techniques and borrowing bag technology from the agriculture industry, we reduced the weight of a 2 yard, front load dumpster by more than half and could match or exceed the durability of any dumpster currently on the market. Our 2 yard, front-load dumpster weighs approximately 260 lbs! Recent testing proves that it can hold 2,000lbs.


Steel dumpsters have been around for decades. They work well and can take a lot of abuse. Our idea was simple – cut out the steel panels on the front, back and sides and line the new unit with a super-strong, poly bag.

WCS Modular Collapsible Dumpsters

Presto! A new, lightweight and durable dumpster was born. Working with engineers we designed, tested, and built a modular and collapsible dumpster.

After five years of testing in Minnesota, not a single bag needed to be replaced and the modular steel frame proved equally durable.

Advantages of a Lower Weight Container

Dumpsters in enclosure.

Less weight and large casters make our containers much easier to move out of enclosures. Many drivers have commented that this makes their job much easier and less tiring. We think that this will help reduce injuries caused by moving heavy, steel containers.

We have created the dumpster perfect for the 21st Century. Fill out the contact form below to learn more about our products and how they can save you time and money!

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