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Independent Contractor Opportunities for Professional Drivers

Trash Contractors is seeking professional drivers interested in becoming independent contractors to provide services for waste companies nation wide. We match our Trash Contractors with haulers that need help completing their services. 

We Provide

  • Training
  • Truck Financing
  • Insurance Set Up
  • Business Set Up (LLC)
  • Independent Contracting Work with Leading Haulers Nation Wide

We Are Looking For

Trash Contractors is looking for professional drivers interested in becoming independent contractor who provide services to waste haulers. 

  • Waste Industry Pros
  • OTR and CDL Drivers
  • Lawncare Professionals

Drive locally, be your own boss, and have the potential for higher earnings!

Potential Earnings

Hourly rates are determined by the type of truck and work performed.

  • Pickup Truck with Dump Trailer – Up to $100 an hour. No CDL Required.
  • Under CDL Rear Load – Up to $125 an hour.
  • Rear Load, Side Load, and Roll Off Trucks – Up to $150 an hour.
  • Automated CDL – Up to $175 an hour.

Request Information

Complete the short form below to let us know that you are interested in becoming an independent contractor for Trash Contractors. Thank you for your interest!