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Modular, Lightweight, Collapsible and Repairable On Site.
A Permanent Asset! Never Replace a Dumpster Again

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Our containers weight considerably less than traditional dumpster and are safer.


Modular and collapsible design substantially lowers shipping cost and storage space requirements. Dumpster can be delivered with a pickup truck.


All parts of the WCS dumpster can be removed for minor repairs or replacement. The bag liner can be replaced in 15 minutes or less and will never rust.

Waste Container Systems is proud to introduce our new patented light-weight and durable dumpsters

2 Yd Product Comparison
FeaturesModular with BagSteelPlastic
Completely Repairable On site
Stackable for Shipping and Storage 9 High 3 High 3 High
Reduced Shipping Costs
Deliver with a Pickup Truck
All Parts Replaceable
Will Not Rust

*Applies to Bag Only
Will Not Crack in Cold Weather
Replaceable Bag
Can Contain Liquid Waste
Suitable for Construction Debris
Weighs Less than 300 lbs


“I was very skeptical at first. Flimsy front, skeleton for a frame, a bag? This is never going to work. My driver said it was going to be a waste of time and bet me it wouldn’t last a month, well it did. In fact, I used them for 3 years with zero issues. Not even the bag!”

Chris “Chilly” Chilson
Formerly GarbageMan of Rochester MN

“The dumpster design is ingenious and the bag has proven to be very durable. Assembly of the dumpster is easy and a one person operation. The stackable design allows us to store many onsite without taking up room.”

David Weidenfeller
Eurecka Recycling of Minneapolis, MN


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