Do WCS Modular Containers Cost More?

Prices are comparable to traditional dumpsters but save you money in the long run because they are:

  • Repairable on Site (Modular Design)
    • Most parts are replaceable on site by the driver or other staff.
    • In the unlikely event that a bag tears, a new one can be installed in 15 minutes or less!
    • Lower maintenance cost.
    • No need for a special truck. Deliver with a pickup truck.
    • Requires much less storage space than traditional dumpsters. 2 Yard can be stacked 9 high!
    • Less expensive to store and deliver.
    • No need to take a container out of service for repair.

Are WCS Containers Durable?

  •  Yes!
    • 10 and 11 Gauge High Strength Steel Frame
    • Bags will not rust.
    • Bag and Frame will not crack in cold like plastic dumpsters.
    • Galvanized frame is highly resistant to rust.
    • 2-Yard Front Load Tested to 2,000 lbs! (Read About our Testing)
    • 4-Yard Front Load Tested at 3,000 lbs!
Load Capacity Test - 2000 lbs of rock dumped into WCS Dumpster
2,000 lbs of bagged lava rock being dumped into a WCS container

Are WCS Containers Smaller?

  • No, our containers meet industry standards specs.
  • The Modular Design does make them much smaller to store when not in use.
Dumpsters stacked for shipping or storage
Nine, 2-yard dumpsters stacked for shipping, delivery, or storage.

What if my Container Breaks?

  • Our modular containers are made with replaceable parts and
    can be repaired onsite for a fraction of the cost. 

How Much Do the Containers Weigh?

  • 2 Yard container weighs 260 lbs.
  • 4 Yard container weighs 375 lbs.

What Are the Benefits of Our Lighter Weight Containers?

  • The lower weight of our containers combined with 6 inch casters makes them much easier to move in the field. Less weight means less wear and tear on equipment and employees. Drivers love them!

Do I Need Any Special Equipment?

  • No, delivery can be made with a small truck – even a pickup!
  • All you need is a forklift (for moving stacks) and a wrench (socket). Unstack and bolt together in the shop or in the field.
Pickup Truck loaded with WCS Modular dumpsters
Pickup Truck loaded with WCS Modular Dumpsters

How Long Does It Take to Assemble?

  • Fully assembled in approximately 30 minutes (no painting or welding required).
  • Here is a photo of how the dumpster is delivered to the hauler.
    WCS Dumpster as Delivered to Hauler


Can I Put My Business Name and Logo on the Dumpster?

  • Yes, the front panel is blank and is the perfect spot to advertise your company!

Are the Stacked Dumpsters Easy to Move?

  • With our user-friendly engineering, stacking is made easy! In the fold down mode, use a forklift to move one or as many as you need. The fork pockets serve a dual purpose. The same pockets that are used when dumping are used for moving with a forklift.

dumpster assembled and stacked with logo

Have the Dumpsters Been Tested in the Field?

  • Yes. Our dumpsters have been in use for 5 years here in Minnesota serving a variety of customers. Rigorous testing has helped us improve our product. In the 5 years of testing, we have not had to replace a single bag!

What Sizes and Loading Types are Available?

  • 2 Yard Front Load
  • 3 Yard Front Load
  • 4 Yard Front Load
  • 2 Yard Rear Load – Coming Soon
  • More sizes and configurations in development! Tell us what your needs are!

How Can I Order?