Durability Test Results

Load Capacity Test - 2000 lbs of rock dumped into WCS Dumpster

Recently we did some in house testing to determine the strength and durability of our products. We began by filling our 2-yard dumpster with 2000 lbs (1 ton!) of bagged lava rock. Next, we used a forklift to raise that dumpster up and dump the 2000 lbs of rock into another dumpster from 2-3 feet above the lip. We repeated the test for our 4-yard container with 3,000 lbs. No problem!

Our dumpster handled the weight easily and suffered only minor damage to the metal mesh at the bottom of the container. We dropped 2000 lbs of material into the container with minimal damage and it remained completely functional!

Recently, we repeated the test for our 4-yard container with 3,000lbs and later repeated test 3,500 lbs. No problem!

4 yard load test

What do Poly and Steel Containers Hold?

After reviewing dumpster specifications from various manufacturers we found that the load rating for 2-yard, front load poly containers ranges from 1400-1600 lbs. The average load rating for a 2-Yard, front load steel containers is 1600 lbs.

2-Yard, FL Load Ratings

  • Steel = 1600 lbs
  • Poly = 1400-1600 lbs
  • WCS Modular = 2000 lbs

We don’t expect that your customers will be dropping 2000 lbs of rock into our container, but it is nice to know that it will handle the load.

Durability? Check!

WCS Modular Collapsible Dumpsters

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